How to Get the Best Price on Your Property in this Hot Spring market?

April 15, 2017

If you are a homeowner desirous of selling your property, you must have seen how the real estate market suddenly becomes hot with the arrival of spring season. Suddenly, there is buzz in the market and low inventory seems to be a thing of the past. Decked up beautiful houses can be seen on the MLS listings and homeowners start to get desired prices for their properties. However, selling your home quickly and easily is not that easy as many homeowners have found out, trying to sell as Fizz-bo.

Correct pricing is crucial for selling your house quickly

While aggressive and clever marketing is the backbone of any home selling endeavor, no less a role is played by the pricing strategy and the staging of the property by the owner. Of course you love your property and also have emotional attachment with it. But do not let these sentiments override your decision when setting the asking price. An overpriced property deters serious buyers and you are not likely to receive many offers even after listing your property on MLS.

This is where the experience and knowledge of a local realtor comes into play. She is aware of the prices at which similar properties in your area have sold for in recent times. It is better to go with her advice than setting a price which is higher than the average price of similar properties being listed on MLS.

Staging a house before showing

The next important step in the process of selling your house is its staging. This is where many homeowners ignore the importance of presenting their homes for the buyers. Your house should not only be neat and clean with all furniture and clutter removed, it should also look and feel attractive to the buyers when approaching and looking it from inside. You need to make a buyer interested in your property. Unless you are able to strike an emotional chord in the mind of the buyer, it is unlikely to encourage him to decide in favor of buying it.

If you do not know what to do to prepare your house in a convincing manner, it is advisable to take help from a staging professional. She knows what it takes to increase the charm and appeal of the house for the prospective buyer.

Selling your property smoothly without any hassles becomes a reality when you hire the services of a competent local realtor.

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