Home Renovation; all you need to know!

June 24, 2017

Renovations definitely add a lot to the resale value of your home. However, let me put it in the right way by calling it ‘Smart Renovations’. Some of the modifications prove to be a real gem while the others are just a drain on your pocket. 

Top Home renovations that will surely uplift your home’s value!

1. Kitchen

Kitchen is the most part of a home and therefore is on the top of priority list of most of the buyers. It is therefore, also important to the sellers to increase the value of their home. Renovating the kitchen and making it a bright and functional space and adding Energy efficient appliances is definitely number one on this list.

2. Bathroom

Next are the bathrooms! Make these spacious and luxurious. Bathroom vanities can be purchased under $500 during sales events in Home depot. No need to put in a new tub, simply reglaze it and save hundreds of dollars and make the bathroom look brand new.

3. Flooring

Once you install/refinish hardwood floors, you’ll see an immediate up-lift in the value of your home. This adds a luxurious finish to the home.

Renovations you should never make!

1. Swimming Pool

Swimming pools might sound luxurious but they are expensive and considered a safety hazard and therefore not preferred by families with small children.

2. High End Upgrades

Upgrades like imported tiles or high-end appliances such as Wolf/Viking brand work only when they are consistent with the rest of the home. 

3. Carpeting

This thing is a straight ‘no’ because it is expensive to purchase and difficult to install. Moreover, it is difficult to maintain carpets and also there are growing health concerns associated with carpets.

The conclusion can thus be drawn that home selling is all the game of mind. You have to act smart keeping in mind the view point of buyers!

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